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Decades of experience go into ensuring your codes and charges are entered correctly.

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From Bundling to CPT combinations and more, PRM follows specific business rules to ensure your Charge Entry happens in a timely and correct manner.

  • Timely Filing

  • Charge tracking and measuring

  • Charge Entry procedures for every practice

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Challenges & Benefits

No matter your specific Charge Entry hurdles, PRM has the Solutions.

Timely Filing

You can't collect what you don't bill. If the insurance company needs them within 90 days, and you are not submitting in time, or missing information is provided late, then you cannot collect on services already completed.

Charge Scrubbing

We use Proprietary Claim Scrubbing technology to ensure we’re only submitting clean claims. This includes scrubbing for missing codes, modifier requirements and other exceptions; and alerts specialists to initiate rapid edits, resubmission and processing. This greatly reduces claim denials.

Charge Lag

If you’re not tracking this metric, you don’t know what the problem is and if you are not measuring you cannot review the history of this metric to compare. In order to spot and solve problems, you need to track and to identify changes or trends. 

Tracking & Measuring

We track and measure Charge Lag in order to identify any problems or trends before they become a bigger issue. Overall, the newer the claim, the easier it is to collect, so we believe in being proactive in order to increase your collection rates. 

Documentation vs Billing Inconsistencies

If you’re not checking documentation against Superbills and against what is billed to the payer monthly, your staff doing data entry may not have keyed all the codes, and you will never know if you are missing visits.

Auditing & Checking

Monthly we conduct checks to make sure everything in your documentation, Superbills, and what is sent to payers all match up. This alleviates missed billing and enhances revenue.

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