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We provide powerful business intelligence and analytics solutions designed for independent and group physician practices.

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Tools for analyzing and identifying financial and operational challenges.

PRM has developed solutions to help you achieve your financial goals and stay informed about the financial health of your practice and its overall performance.

  • Performance Analysis

  • Strengths & Weaknesses Analysis  

  • Create Value with Data

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Challenges & Benefits

The experts at PRM utilize analytics to predict the future with greater accuracy, which allows you to further develop your business model

Management gaps

In some businesses, management gaps may go unnoticed, resulting in a number of problems.

Performance Analysis

With our BI & Analytics solutions, we can recognize the different gaps in the management of your business. We use the data available to compare your business's past and current performance and predict your future performance.

Strengths VS Weaknesses

Most businesses do not survive for more than a few years. The main reasons for this are because they did not know their strengths and weaknesses. If you can identify these two things, then your practice has a much better chance of surviving in the tough healthcare landscape.

SWOT Analysis

With the financial reports provided by PRM, you know your strengths and weaknesses, and you can leverage this information to find ways to boost your revenue and income.

Restrictions on Analytical Resources

BI & Analytics requires a team of data scientists, business analysts, BI developers/consultants, and IT managers. Few practices have the resources and expert team to handle BI & Analytics thoroughly.

Analytical Expertise

PRM employs a dedicated team with the right expertise to create value through analytics and data science.

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Your Role - Focused on your specific needs

Whether you’re a solo practitioner, a large facility-based group of physicians, or somewhere in between, we understand the specific nuances of your business.

Providing Physicians the Benefits of Autonomy and Time 
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Office Manager
Reducing office manager stress and workload
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Physician Manager
Helping you position your group as a leader
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Trusted Advisor
Assisting in your value creation for practices
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Practice Size - From Solo to Large Facility-Based Groups

No matter if you’re a Solo provider, from a Mid-Sized Practice, or a part of a Large Facility-Based Group, we understand your needs and can provide the specific services and solutions to fulfill them

Giving you back autonomy over your time, business, and patient care
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Mid- Sized
Enhancing efficiencies and minimizing business stress
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Developing processes that achieve business goals  
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