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A study of your accounts receivable performance reveals problems that must be addressed to improve net revenue, enhance bottom-line profitability, and accelerate cash flow.

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Studying accounts receivable activity and establishing appropriate strategies for improvement.

Higher accounts receivable can occur as a result of claim denials, poor collection culture, unwarranted write-offs, and abandoned deductibles. At PRM, we study your accounts receivable and establish causes and possible solutions.

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  • Patient Financial Accountability  

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Challenges & Benefits

At PRM, we will study your accounts receivable and establish causes and possible solutions to strengthen your financial position and avoid any bad debts.

Periodic AR Procedure

If you do not have a periodic procedure put into place you could be clueless about what is going on in your practice. If billing is done in-house it is unlikely that this is being looked at or reviewed.

Periodically Review AR

With the help of PRM, you will have a defined process for periodically reviewing and updating accounts receivables. As a result, you know your payer issues, if your claims are growing outstanding and will be able to identify problems.

Quality Care VS AR  

Many health care providers struggle with high accounts receivable because their primary concern is providing quality and comprehensive care to their patients.

Financial Responsibility

PRM knows that the responsibility to provide quality care shouldn't prevent you from ensuring that your patients are also financially responsible for their care. In fact, it's a best practice to regularly remind your patients of their financial responsibility, whether it's sending an account balance notification or reminding them of the cost of care before treatment.

AR Management

Accounts receivables management is a common issue in the healthcare industry, this is in large part due to the low transparency of their accounts. The financial statements are difficult to understand, and they are often susceptible to errors.

AR Optimization

AR Optimization is crucial for the profitable operation of your practice. PRM will help you successfully optimize your AR by utilizing an efficient billing system and accurate and up-to-date patient information.

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